Mallorca bucket list feature

My Mallorca Bucket List

Now that I have one full year ahead of me in Mallorca, I’ve made a list of things I want to do during my time here. Anyone who knows me in person will say that I’m not that adventurous, Stephanie’s always been more of a safe decision maker and isn’t exactly the person who you want to take on a backpacking trip through Europe. That never bothered me before, I was happy to stay in my comfort zone and surround myself with the familiar. That is, until after my mother passed away.

When my mother died, my whole world became unfamiliar. We were close, like sisters almost and I couldn’t sort out life without her. Sounds kind of childish for a woman at the age of 23 isn’t it? But that’s the truth. She was and will always be my best friend.

Now that she’s gone, I felt like I needed a new environment...

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Mallorca beach Feature

The Very First Beaches I’ve Ever Visited in Mallorca

I’ve been able to see a little bit and travel around the island since I moved to Mallorca (and finally unpacked all my stuff!) and beaches were the first thing I wanted to visit in front of everything else. Why? Well you want to know a secret?

I’ve never seen the beach.

Yep. That’s right. I’m a beach virgin, I admit it. Growing up in New York City, the beach wasn’t exactly just one train ride away. And with two younger siblings to take care, I always had something to keep me at home. Even when I was in college, my friends and I never planned a beach outing. Instead we loved to take road trips to different states like New Jersey, Pennsylvania or even Toronto, we are all huge history buffs and big foodies. But the beach?It was never high up on our list.

After two decades of never seeing the ...

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food I miss from NY

Foods that I miss from New York City

Would you be surprised if I told you that there are some things I actually miss dearly from NYC? Some things that I wonder how I can survive without for the next year?

Probably not right? New York City is a city that has everything – as far as some people think. There’s just some things that I miss from home that I can’t find here in Mallorca. As I walk on the beach early in the morning, I dream about the things I had no idea I would miss. Some of them popped up out of nowhere, unexpectedly and at first, unwanted.

I hope my cravings, desires and needs subside as time goes on, I’m not usually a person who misses things or holds onto things for a long time but I guess home was closer than I thought...

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home mallorca feature

A Look at my new home in Mallorca

I haven’t had time to go and process all the photos I’ve taken so far but I’ve had so many friends ask me to post some photos of Mallorca. They’re so curious as to what it’s like to live on an island in the middle of the sea that they almost can’t believe I’m here. They’ve heard that so and so celebrity has vacationed here and that so and so famous royalty has a house here. Someone has even asked me if I’ve seen Catherine Zeta Jones or the King of Spain. So far, none. It’s been pretty quiet so far…

Whenever I’ve skyped with them, I love hearing their comments. “Oh my god that is amazing! Holy shit that is gorgeous! Stephanie you’re so lucky, I’m so jealous!”

I guess I am lucky...

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facts feature

Facts about Mallorca

Now that you know Mallorca is an island belonging to Spain in the Mediterranean Sea, it’s time to learn some more about it. Before I left, I had to do some “proper” research since all I knew, I knew from my mom. Or from the tabloids and gossip channels whenever they talked about someone famous going there.

Mallorca is mostly known as being a huge tourist destination (one of the biggest in Europe) but there’s more to this island than just pretty beaches and fancy resorts. Local culture thrives here despite foreigners stomping all over it and the popularity of the Balearic islands have risen almost an insane percentage in the past 50 years. This island is no longer what it used to be, instead it is the haven for rich vacationers and hopeful tourists.

Here are some more facts about Mallorca t...

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celebraty ss feature

Celebrity Sightings on Mallorca

It’s no surprise that celebrities love Mallorca. Famous people from all over the world, whether they are actors, singers, social media personality or of royal blood flock to Mallorca whenever they need a getaway. Mallorca boasts some of the most beautiful scenery and landscapes in the world, perfect for anyone who has a bit of extra cash in their pocket to have the ultimate relaxing escape.

Mallorca has become like a second home to celebrities and surprisingly, I haven’t spotted any yet. Or maybe I’m so behind in the gossip world that I don’t recognize them. But my grandmother has told me that she’s seen several celebrities many times and it’s like normal for the locals to see the socialites around with their big posses and bodyguards.

It makes me a bit sad to think of Mallorca as the prem...

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Why mallorca feature

So Why Mallorca?

Nearly every reaction I got when I told people I was moving to Mallorca was, “Where the heck is that?” or “And why are you moving there…?”

Blank confused looks became the norm.

Well I have several reasons why I decided on Mallorca, the largest island in the Balearic Islands archipelago in Spain and it’s not because of the celebrities that go there. It’s a reason I’ve never talked about much to other people besides the ones closest to me. It’s something that lies so close to my heart that sometimes it’s hard for me to talk about.

My roots are in Mallorca. My mother is actually from there and shockingly, she never took me or my siblings to visit. She’d tell us stories when we were young of what it was like to live on an island and have an ocean view everyday but I never knew more than that...

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First week feature

My First Week in Mallorca, Spain

As I got off the plane last week, I was just a huge bag of emotions. It was hard to say goodbye to my friends and family and the whole time on the plane I kept thinking about them. I kept telling myself, “I’m only gone temporary! It’s not permanent!” but I’m such a big wuss when it comes to saying goodbye and farewells. I’ve been close to my family all my life so it’ll be an odd sensation not seeing them for a long period of time.

This is my first trip by myself abroad. Ever. Having only ever lived in New York City my whole life, the Big Apple started to feel pretty small as soon as I graduated college. I love the diversity, the crowds and the city life in NYC but it was time for a change. For some reason, the summer I came back I felt suffocated. I felt old...

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